THACO’s logistics company THILOGI has boosted partnerships with Vietnamese and foreign shipping lines in operating routes for exported and imported goods and products via Chu Lai Port in central Vietnam as part of its vision to become a leading logistics company in the country.
With a convenient location for transportation – great access to National Highway 1A and Danang – Quang Ngai Highway, Chu Lai Port as a member company of THILOGI plays an important role in the logistics service supply chain along the North – South axis and part of the East – West economic corridor in Vietnam.

With the motto “ Service is service, ” Chu Lai Port well serves the needs of import and export goods for businesses in the Central region.

           To increase its export capacity, turn Chu Lai Port into a key gateway, besides domestic transport routes, THILOGI has cooperated with international transport companies to open shipping routes between major ports of Japan, Korea, China, India and Chu Lai and the other way round.

 Chu Lai port cooperates with international shipping lines CMA CGM, SITC, COSCO and ZIM to promote exploitation of international maritime routes.

              In August 2016, THILOGI and SITC, a leading shipping line in Asia, co-launched a container route from Korea to Chu Lai port with two weekly vessels. In March 2018, the company continued to work with APL – one of the world’s largest shipping lines to open Japan – Chu Lai route with one vessel per week.
A month later, Qinzhou (China) – Chu Lai route was opened after the cooperation with COSCO, 1 vessel/week.
Most recently, THILOGI has cooperated with Israel’s ZIM to open the routes linking Shanghai, Dafeng, Qinzhou (China) and Chu Lai, India – Chu Lai and vice versa, 1 vessel/week each.
By this way, Chu Lai Port has become part of ZIM’s Asia – Mediterranean – Europe (AME) route which crosses the Suez Canal – the shortest route to reach the Eurasian.
The AME journey crosses the ports in Busan, Kwangyang, Pyeongtaek (Korea), Dafeng, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Qinzhou (China), Hai Phong, Chu Lai (Vietnam) and back to Shanghai then the major ports in America, Europe, saving time and costs of goods transportation to Asia, the Middle East, Europe and America thanks to no transshipment overseas.
All those shipping routes have also opened up trading opportunities for central Vietnam enterprises to major seaports in the world, increasing import – export and logistics activities in the region.

Road route map operated and implemented by THILOGI 

           Currently, imports account for about 40% of the cargos at Chu Lai port, mainly from Korea, Japan and China.
Regarding domestic goods for exports, THILOGI provides export services for enterprises in the industrial parks such as VSIP and Dung Quat IP in Quang Ngai province, and in Northern Chu Lai, Tam Thang, Thuan Yen in Quang Nam province as well as neighboring areas such as Binh Dinh province, the Central Highlands, Laos and Cambodia.
The main exports include plastic resins, interior and exterior furniture, tapioca starch, steel, textiles, equipment, pellets, and fiber used in the auto tire industry, agricultural products. The first half of 2020 saw the total of exports exceed 1 million tons.
          THILOGI has upscaled and upgraded the entire service chain with different projects such as building a deep-water port to receive 50,000DWT ships, expanding and constructing new warehouses and yards at Chu Lai Port, buying modern equipment and means of transportation, optimizing delivery methods and developing new services, including agricultural transport…
          THILOGI will open more international shipping routes and cooperate with major shipping lines to boost the import and export at Chu Lai port, meeting the needs of enterprises in central Vietnam, Central Highlands, Laos and Cambodia.